Colleen Clary

Divorce Attorney
November 22, 2019

Michelle & Stephanie were incredible to work with! I had a negative experience with my previous lawyer for custody and they were so amazing. It was a night and day difference working with these ladies. They had nothing but kind words and encouragement throughout the entire process. The worst thing your lawyer could do is tear you down with their words as you are about to fight for your children (as my previous lawyer had done- she went as far as having me questioning if I even deserved my children. No mom should ever feel like that. I almost gave up because I thought, “Maybe there’s something I’m just not seeing.” But in my heart I know I am an amazing mother. So I continued my fight.) You already have your ex and their lawyer tearing you down, why would you want YOUR lawyer to destroy you with their word also?! Michelle and Stephanie built me up and gave me the confidence I NEEDED to go into my court case against my abuser. I would 100% recommend Michelle & Stephanie to anyone! I gush about them all the time. I felt heard, I felt seen, and most importantly, I felt empowered! Thank you for everything you ladies did for me. I will never forget it!