Maryland Postnuptial Agreements

What is a postnuptial agreement and why would I need one?

A Maryland postnuptial agreement is a contract/agreement that you and your spouse create with the help of experienced attorneys that decides what will happen to your property and other rights in the event of your divorce.

So, it is similar to a pre-nuptial agreement, but it is signed after you are already married. It is imperative to consult with an attorney at MLO/Mulinazzi Law Office prior to signing a postnuptial agreement because there are certain required terms and conditions that must be included for the Post Nuptial Agreement to be valid and enforceable.  Likewise, we can draft this agreement for you to make sure it is what you want, what your spouse will agree to, and that it will be enforceable when you need it to be.

Why would I need a Post Nuptial Agreement?

Postnuptial agreements are sometimes done when a marriage is strained and even though the parties wish to work on the marriage, each also wants to protect their rights and assets in the event that they proceed to divorce. Sometimes, this makes one side or both more comfortable “taking the risk” of working on the marriage and the Post Nuptial Agreement can eliminate some of the fear and risk so that they spouses can focus on the hard work of making the marriage better.

A Post Nuptial Agreement may also be needed because something significant has changed since the marriage and one side or both needs asset or income protection. Perhaps one spouse received an inheritance, one spouse has made a series of very bad financial moves, one spouse is engaged in risky or inappropriate behavior, or one spouse refuses to contribute financially to the household. The reasons are your own and if the Post Nuptial Agreement is written correctly – as it would be by the Maryland Super Attorneys of MLO/Mulinazzi Law Office – then the reasons will not be questioned and the Post Nuptial Agreement will help the spouses move forward together or it will be enforced by the Court if a divorce results.

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