Divorce is an emotionally-taxing situation to navigate; this can be especially true when a family has a high net worth and generation wealth to protect. At Mulinazzi Law Office in Howard County, MD we understand that clients need the right information and answers during this time of turmoil. Our services provide counsel for those seeking peaceful resolutions or a strong advocate to protect their legal rights and children’s best interests—giving peace of mind when navigating through difficult times. We also work closely with experienced financial professionals who can protect your assets during this uncertain time.

At Mulinazzi Law Office, our mission is to help clients navigate their divorce and family law challenges with confidence. We provide valuable insight regarding all potential solutions so that individuals can make an informed decision about how best to protect themselves from unnecessary distress and financial hardship. The attorneys at Mulinazzi Law Office have won state-wife accolades. Thomas Mulinazzi was named a Top 100 Maryland Super Lawyer five-times, the Law Office was named the Best Family Law Office in Howard County five times by Howard/Baltimore Magazine, and the Judges consistently look to appoint these attorneys to represent children in the most hotly contested cases in Clarksville and all cases before the Court.


Making the decision to end a marriage can be incredibly difficult. Even during calmer periods of separation, it is hard for couples to think clearly and objectively about their situation when emotions are running high. When you find yourself considering divorce as an option, obtaining proper legal aid from experienced Maryland attorneys may help you make informed decisions that lead towards fairer solutions amidst this tumultuous time. At our law firm we understand the magnitude of what’s at stake in these cases – let us guide you through your journey and provide reliable counsel every step of the way. The divorce lawyers at Mulinazzi Law Office keeps your fees down by not increasing the drama and tension of the situation. This is why they’ve earned the respect of the Judges on the Bench in Howard County.


In Maryland, divorce can be approached in two ways: either a fault-based or no-fault divorce. With an at-fault divorce, the requesting spouse must provide proof that their partner has done something wrong such as committed adultery, or been cruel to their spouse; conversely with a no-fault approach there is no need to prove any wrongdoing by one’s spouse.

Depending on which option is chosen for your particular circumstances, benefits and burdens of proof vary accordingly – making it important to thoroughly consider all available paths when deciding how you would like move forward within the limitations set forth by law. It’s critical to contact an experienced Clarksville divorce attorney with good judgment – choosing the right path from the beginning can help to get you the result you want. Experience matters.


Divorce can stir up a whirlwind of emotions and bring uncertainty in the future. The attorneys at Mulinazzi Law Office are here to provide personalized support while you navigate through this process, ensuring that your rights remain intact from beginning to end. Their knowledge on where to file for divorce, county-specific requirements as well as services needed makes them equipped with the know-how required when deciding what result is best suited for you – either outside or inside court if necessary. At times it may take longer than anticipated but having confidence knowing professionals have done their due diligence will lead towards achieving an outcome righted tailored just for you. That said, an experienced attorney can help a case slow down or speed up depending on what is best for your case and your situation.


For couples facing a separation or divorce, the collaborative process is an option that can help reduce stress and unwanted acrimony. It eliminates lengthy Court proceedings while requiring full transparency throughout. At Mulinazzi Law Office we facilitate collaboration between spouses to find solutions outside of costly litigation, all without sacrificing desirable outcomes for either party. We are proud to serve clients all across Central Maryland; so if you’re looking for guidance on getting through your separation or divorce in Clarksville contact us online today or call 410-290-6270.

Understanding Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a unique approach to family legal matters. Rather than advocate for one spouse against the other, all parties work together as a team towards achieving common goals and desired outcomes. By involving mental health professionals called “coaches”, couples are helped with navigating through emotional barriers that may otherwise impede progress in resolving difficult issues; such as parenting plans addressing custody or decision-making concerns, and coming up with creative options that are not possible in court. This cooperative process offers flexibility within its services, operates under your timeline instead of court proceedings.’ This makes it an attractive alternative when looking at family dispute resolution methods. Ask the expert attorneys if this model could work for your situation.

Working For Everyone’s Best Interest

Attorney Thomas Mulinazzi is a Certified Collaborative Law Professional who advocates for the interests of his clients through respectful and safe dialogue. He specializes in helping couples create fair agreements that meet their common goals, regardless of how difficult these may be to achieve. The collaborative process allows everyone’s needs to be heard without pressure or ultimatums from either party – it encourages collaboration between both sides so that no one feels bullied or controlled by the other party. As Attorney Mulinazzi has completed Advanced Team Collaborative Training, he is ideally positioned to help you reach an amicable settlement with your partner using this approach.



Clarksville is an unincorporated community in Howard County, Maryland; the second highest-earning county in the United States according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The community is named for William Clark, a farmer who owned much of the land on which the community now lies and served as a postal stop that opened on the 4th of July 1851.

Some of the most expensive homes on the East Coast are located in or around the town, whose property values are among the highest in the country. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Clarksville District 5 has a population of 56,239, with an estimated average income of $195,124, and a median income of $160,606.

Clarksville’s public schools, part of the Howard County public school system, are among the highest-ranked in the nation and often have significantly higher funding than competing private and charter schools. Attorney Mulinazzi was a HCPSS teacher himself and he and his staff understand the importance of education excellence to Clarksville parents. This issue impacts many of the divorce and custody cases and the MLO attorneys are well-versed in these issues.

The area is located southwest of Baltimore and north of Washington, D.C., and many residents of Clarksville commute to work in one of these two cities or their nearby suburbs.

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