Asset Division in Maryland

During a divorce, there are numerous details that need attention. This is an emotionally difficult time and it is impossible for you to think of everything that needs your attention. The experienced attorneys at Mulinazzi Law Office are there to help you with asset division in Maryland when it comes to educating you on options, present solutions inside and outside of “the box,” and be the voice of logic that you need to plan your path to the other side of divorce.

“What will happen to my house, our cars, my pension and our debt? How will we afford two households? Will I have to pay for everything?”

At the Mulinazzi Law Office, we help clients resolve property division and income and expense sharing disputes using the best method of dispute resolution for their unique situation. Our lawyers effectively represent clients in Columbia, Clarksville, Ellicott City, in all of Howard County, Anne Arundel County, and all of central Maryland. Contact our firm online or call 410-290-6270 to schedule your appointment.


In property division cases, the court strives to fairly divide assets that were acquired during the marriage. Most property that was acquired during the marriage will be divided in a roughly equal (50/50) manner. However, often one or both parties have pre-marital assets and those assets need to be protected from a claim by the adverse party. Whether it’s an inheritance, gift, or proceeds from a former home sale, the attorneys at the Mulinazzi Law Office are highly skilled, extremely knowledgeable in the law, and have the experience necessary to gather and present the right information to protect your non-marital assets.

Certain assets may need to be valued or appraised in order for the Court to determine the asset’s value. Items such as family business, cars or homes can be valued or sold in order for the asset’s value to be distributed. Wherever possible, our lawyers pursue solutions that will save our client’s money by avoiding costs such as unnecessary appraisals, sales commissions, sales taxes, and expert fees.


How will I pay my bills after the divorce? When can I financially get on with my own life?”
Alimony or spousal support, can be awarded to one party to help them be self-supporting while they retrain or get further education. While the Courts generally favor rehabilitative alimony, in some cases a much longer term of alimony is warranted. Our lawyers know the law, the courts, and the individual Judge’s perspective on these issues. We work with our clients to help them determine if they are likely to receive support or pay support, and to determine how much and how long the support will be paid or received. A realistic perspective and strong advocacy helps create resolutions to what may otherwise be a protracted fight over alimony.


All the attorneys at Mulinazzi Law Office are trained mediators and Thomas Mulinazzi has advanced training in Collaborative Law. Our attorneys use this training to negotiate the best possible results for our clients and this avoids or reduces the financial and emotional cost of litigation. We understand that this is your family, your money, and these are your decisions. We strive for a result that will endure after this case is over. Our attorneys stay focused on what is best for you. At all times, we consider and present you with the various cost-benefit scenarios: after all — you do not want to spend all of your money fighting about it. We want to help you when it comes to asset division in Maryland

Contact our firm online or call 410-290-6270 to work with an experienced attorney to help you understand Maryland law, your rights, and strategize about option to resolve your property division matter.

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