Adoption is the legal process by which an adult takes a child into his/her own family, treating that child as his/her own child, and giving that child all the rights and duties of his own child.  Of course, before this process happens a loving familial bond is already established and the would-be adoptee is already a loved member of the family.  Still, it remains important to make sure the child is formally adopted in order to give the child legal rights and in order to give the parents legal authority. When it comes to adoption in Maryland, at MLO/Mulinazzi Law Office, we are personally aware and understand the emotional dynamic of this situation. As practitioners we also know the legal process and the court staff and procedure that can make the process go smoothly.  

Adopting an adult.

Did you know that under Maryland Law you can adopt an adult into your family?  The same procedure, albeit easier, applies to adopting an adult.  Our Office has experience in helping clients adopt children and adults and we are here to help you with this.  In fact, this is perhaps our favorite area of the law because we can help bring loving people together as a legal family.

Any adult can file a petition for adoption over a minor or an adult.  The most common form of adoptions are “step-parent” adoptions where a step-parent becomes a legal parent and custodian of a minor or adult child. 

With Adoption in Maryland, Mulinazzi Law Office assists by:

  • Guiding and representing adoption petitioners not only in initiating the legal process, and advising the petitioner through the date of a hearing Representing guardians and assisting guardians with filing the required paperwork after appointment
  • Serving as court-appointed attorneys to represent children over the age of 10 in adoption actions
  • Helping parents update a child’s birth certificate and other government issued documentation after the completion of the adoption process.