“Mary” called MVLS in a panic. After just a year of marriage, her husband started abusing drugs and alcohol and turned violently abusive. After he held a knife to her throat, she feared for her own life and for the safety of her baby.  She fled to safety, but knew she needed a lawyer.  Fortunately, she found MVLS.

Our intake paralegal promptly connected Mary with experienced family law volunteer Tom Mulinazzi, who obtained a protective order and started divorce and custody proceedings. Ultimately, Mary’s divorce was granted due to “extreme cruelty and excessively vicious conduct.” The court also denied her ex-husband all contact with their child.

Mr. Mulinazzi explains that there were unique uses of social media as exhibits in the trial that made the case even more interesting.  “Besides her testimony, it was all we had. He didn’t show up at hearing or trial, but he proved all the evidence we needed via his Facebook account, Twitter and MySpace. It was unusual to have the abuser put so many admissions out there on the internet and the court reacted very swiftly and firmly.”

Mr. Mulinazzi further explains that “the best part for me was helping her to disengage from him and to no longer fear him….she’s finally free from her abusive husband.”