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Attorney Sarah L. Nadolny joined Mulinazzi Law Office in 2023. She focuses on divorce and custody cases and has extensive experience handling domestic violence and child abuse cases. Ms. Nadolny has successfully advocated for 1000s of clients at HopeWorks of Howard County and Heartly House in Frederick County over the last 11 years. In these roles she used her extensive litigation experience to obtain Protective Orders and Peace Orders for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and child abuse. She approaches her cases with empathy and resolve, developed from years of highly specialized training. She has a trauma-informed lens and she has a deep understanding that divorce , custody, and all family disputes present emotionally challenging and confusing time for all her clients regardless of education or socio-economic circumstances.

Ms. Nadolny earned her Juris Doctor (JD) from Wake Forest School of Law in 2009 and her Master of Laws (LLM) from University at Buffalo School of Law in 2011. She clerked for the Honorable Penny Wolfgang on the New York State Supreme Court in 2011. After graduation, Ms. Nadolny began her career in litigation, specifically advocating for victims of domestic violence at Heartly House in Frederick County. There her work focused on obtaining peace and protective orders for petitioners and this put her in the courtroom almost every day of every week. In 2012, she transferred to HopeWorks of Howard County where she continued to represent Petitioners for eight years. In 2020, Ms. Nadolny returned to Heartly House where she represented survivors in peace and protective orders, divorce, and custody matters. Attorney Nadolny’s exemplary litigation skills and success in the courtroom earned her leadership positions at Heartly House and she was promoted to Interim Director of the Program before joining the Team at MLO/Mulinazzi Law Office this year.


  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Domestic Violence


  • University at Buffalo School of Law in 2011

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