Navigating the legal system while dealing with the emotions and trauma of divorce is very difficult for anyone. How can you get the information and answers you need to make the best decisions now and in the coming months? We are some of the top divorce lawyers in Maryland.

If you are working through a divorce or family law issue, you may feel overwhelmed by the emotional turmoil this is creating for you and your family. At the Mulinazzi Law Office, we understand that our clients can become frustrated with their current situation and are looking for peaceful ways to resolve their problems, or in other situations they are looking for strong advocates to protect their legal rights and the best interests of their children.

Our divorce attorneys are experienced, efficient, and very successful in dealing with both types of situations and everything in between. Our office helps clients throughout Central Maryland to include Howard County, Baltimore County/City, Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, and the surrounding Maryland areas. The Law Office is focused on helping clients resolve their divorce and other family law problems with less drama and less cost. We educate our clients on all their options and pride ourselves on crafting solutions that protect our clients from significant emotional and financial loss.

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Michelle & Stephanie were incredible to work with! I had a negative experience with my previous lawyer for custody and they were so amazing. It was a night and day difference working with these ladies. They had nothing but kind words and encouragement throughout the entire process. The worst thing your lawyer could do is tear you down with their words as you are about to fight for your children (as my previous lawyer had done- she went as far as having me questioning if I even deserved my children. No mom should ever feel like that. I almost gave up because I thought, "Maybe there's something I'm just not seeing." But in my heart I know I am an amazing mother. So I continued my fight.) You already have your ex and their lawyer tearing you down, why would you want YOUR lawyer to destroy you with their word also?! Michelle and Stephanie built me up and gave me the confidence I NEEDED to go into my court case against my abuser. I would 100% recommend Michelle & Stephanie to anyone! I gush about them all the time. I felt heard, I felt seen, and most importantly, I felt empowered! Thank you for everything you ladies did for me. I will never forget it!

Tash, a Divorce client

Divorce is never, and frankly, ought not be a simple and painless process. Whom one relies upon during such devastation, however, should be abundantly enabled to address every issue and swiftly make sense of the process, however insane and tawdry. Throughout the worst season of my life, Thomas was a rock of sound knowledge, clear thinking and honesty. I can't say that he'll have the very shirt off his back to give everyone, but in my time of disparagement, he came just about that close. As thorough as he is genuine, and as pure of heart as he is knowledgeable, Thomas is truly a one of a kind. I highly recommend his services in collaborative law and in matters of separation/divorce. Should one need such services, and I deeply hope you never do, I suggest reading up on the process and then schedule a consultation with this man first.


When you are navigating the legal system, it is important to work with an attorney and a Law Office team who will carefully explain the legal process step by step, while caring about what is most important to you. The team at Mulinazzi Law Office is committed to understanding your concerns and to explaining your options, your rights, your risks, along with the estimated costs and the probable outcomes.

Please take a moment to look at the dozens of reviews from our past clients to understand our approach and how you can expect to be served by our lawyers and staff. You can find reviews on this website, www.avvo.com, www.yelp.com, Facebook, and other internet sites. In fact, over the years we have earned several awards and accolades for our work to include Maryland Super Lawyers, “Best of” Family Law Lawyers by Howard Magazine, and several awards from Avvo and NAFLA. To learn more about our lawyers’ professional histories and involvement, follow the links below:

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During a divorce, people are usually very worried about two things:
1. What will happen to my children, and
2. How will the property/money be divided or how can I afford to live after divorce?

At the Mulinazzi Law Office, we help clients create healthy long term solutions in cases involving matters related to: Divorce litigation, Income Sharing/Alimony, Dissolution of Family Businesses, Asset Division, Child Custody and Support, Domestic Violence Cases, Adoptions, Collaborative Divorce, Post Divorce Modifications, Separation agreement, Parental Relocations, and other family concerns.

The attorneys at Mulinazzi Law Office have a great deal of experience practicing before the Courts in Howard County, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, and surrounding areas. Our staff knows the local procedures and the Judges and Magistrates. This experience helps us suggest better options to resolve the case and it gives you an advantage because we know the most likely outcomes if a matter goes to trial. We are honored that our attorneys are frequently chosen and assigned by Judges to represent children in high conflict custody cases, asked to perform mediations, and to provide assistance to pro se litigants who need advice.

We know most families are under a lot of stress during these times, and working with your Maryland Divorce lawyer should alleviate — not add to — your stress level. Our firm helps clients resolve their case without destroying the future of their family in the process.


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